Amahl and The Night Visitors

[Chorus of Shepherds]

A Chorus of Shepherds, Villagers and Dancers arrive with baskets of fruits and vegetables for the Kings, “Olives and quinces, apples and raisins, nutmeg and myrtle, medlars and chestnuts, this is all we shepherds can offer you.” The grateful Kings sing their appreciation, “Thank you, thank you, thank you kindly.”

[The theft]

That night when everyone is asleep Amahl's mother covets the treasures guarded by the Page, “All that gold! All that gold!, Oh, what I could do for my child with that gold!” Amahl's mother tries to steal some of the king's gold to use to help her crippled child. When she grabs some of the treasure, she is caught by the Page who struggles with her to retrieve the gold and jewels which she is clutching. The Page alerts the Kings “Thief! I've seen her steal some of the gold” Amahl is awakened and defends his mother by beating the Page with his crutch, “Don't you dare! Don't you dare hurt my mother!”

[the miracle]
The Kings forgive Amahl's mother for trying to steal the gold and offer to let her keep it “Oh, woman, you may keep the gold. The Child we seek doesn't need our gold. On love, on love alone He will build his kingdom…” They prepare to leave on their journey. The mother touched by their words offers to give back the stolen gold and wishes she had a gift to offer the Child. Amahl wishing to send something impulsively offers his crutch, his most precious possession, as a gift, “But, Mother, let me send him my crutch. Who knows, he may need one, and this I made myself.…” A miracle occurs! When Amahl takes a step towards the Kings to offer his crutch he realizes that he was cured of his lameness. He leaves with the Wise Men and their Page to pay homage to the child who has healed him.

Cast - Amahl and the Night Visitors

[Cast of Amahl]

Jarrod Schlenker (Amahl, Friday & Saturday matinee)
Paul Sadowski (Amahl, Saturday evening)
Deborah Eberts (Amahl's mother)
Manuel Gonzalez, Jr. (King Kaspar)
Nuno DeSousa (King Melchoir)
Khy Garner (King Balthazar)
Eddie Egan (Page)
Kristen Witherington, Amy Trotter (Dancers)

Chorus of Shepherds - Heather Crawford, Kristen Dibella, Colleen Garry, Mary Heller, Jane Ryan, Michelle Silva, Mary Swarbrick, Amy Torotter, Marilyn Vice, Cheyl Wallace, Jeanne Woerner, Dora Carbone, Elaine Gattuso, Judy Hailey, Shelley Irish, Carmelyn Marinaro, Donna Schlenker, Maria Singer, Janet Smith, Barbara Stromberg, Kristen Witherington, Raymond D'Amato, Allison Frazier, Manny Gonzales, Dennis Jenkins, William Ahern, Frank Alansky, Richard Bodmer, Joseph Colster, Kevin R.J. Downey, Omar Garner, Eugene Kobliska, Gene Kobliska, Rick Marsden, Frank Pecora

[Chorus of Shepherds]

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