The Celebration Singers
Adult and Children's Choirs and Young Men's Ensemble
We Will Rock You
May 2009

[Children's Rehearsal]

Notes from Tom Pedas, Music Director
The Celebration Singers Children's Choir and Young Men's Ensemble

[Tom Pedas] In 1995, as the director of The Celebration Singers Adult Choir, I suggested to the board that we begin a children's choir. Today, our children's choir stands stronger than ever. Thank you to Kathy Sandoukas, the Board of Directors and all the parents who support these children and keep the choir going strong.

In January of 2006, I started the young men's ensemble to accommodate the older boys in the treble choir whose voices had changed. Last month our young men's ensemble was one of two barbershop groups selected to perform in the barbershop "Festival of Harmony"; an evening concert where they received a standing ovation.

I am very proud of the children in this choir. Individually they are the top scholars, the top athletes, the leads in their school musicals and the students that consistently represent New Jersey in All State, All Eastern and National Honor Choirs. I'm proud that alumni continue to return in an effort to be a part of this wonderful group of musicians. Today we welcome back Vangelis to accompany us on the trumpet and Jason to sign for us. I also want to extend a special thanks to Heather Crawford for all her work with the dancers and to Nick Poulios, who I can never praise enough for all his contributions to our choir.

Tonight's program represents a wide variety of music, however, I personally believe this concert leans more to the lighter side than any of our past concerts. We look forward to truly "rocking you" tonight!

Tom Pedas
Music Director
The Celebration Singers Children's Chorus and Young Men's Ensemble

[Children's Choir, Tom Pedas, Director]

Tom Pedas, Music Director
Program Selections - Celebration Singers Children's Chorus and Young Men's Ensemble

Cantate Deo - Handel/Mayo —Trumpet: Vangelis Dimopoulos, former Children's Choir member    
Wayfaring Stranger - Arr: DeCormier — Soloist: Emily McGurk
Imagine John Lennon — Soloists: Hale Jaeger, Erin McAuliffe; Signing: Jason Kus, Former Children's Choir member    


It Don't Mean a Thing if it Ain't Got that Sing, Sing, Sing - arr: Anderson — Soloists: Kelly Bulger and Julia Mendez, Julia Napolitano and Anna Marie O'Conner Piano: Nick Poulios, Persussion: Callum Wayman: Trumpet: Chris DeCarlo, Trombone: Ryan McTernan, Tenor Asax: Harrison Millings.
Oye - Jim Papoulis — Soloists: Aneesa Sonawalla, Jackie napolitano, and Katie Gordon; Piano: Nick Poulios, Bass Guitar: Vince Puleo, Percussion: Callum Wayman, Andrew Ho, and Joel Seltzer    

You Can't Stop The Beat - Shaiman/Emerson — Soloists: Emily McGurk
Imagine - John Lennon — Soloists: Paige Mankin and Elyse Mackenzie    


[Young Men's Ensemble]

Yakety Yak - arr: Emerson    
In My Room - arr. Gentry
Please Mr. Columbus - arr: Gray, Baird and Wallace    

[Celebration Singers Men's Ensemble]

[You Tube] Young Men's Ensemble performing The Twelve Days of Christmas

Young Men's Ensemble performing Please, Mr. Columbus

Young Men's Ensemble Rehearsal O Holy Night - Soloist: Jake Forrestal

Young Men's Ensemble Rehearsal The Duke of Earl - Soloist: Jake Forrestal


[Combined adult and Children's Choirs]

The Celebration Singers Adult and Children's Choirs performed A Tribute to Queen...arr. Mark Brymer

The Celebration Singers Adult and Children'sChoirs
Regina Bielen, President; Rick Marsden, Vice President; Sean Berg - Adult Choir Director;
Tom Pedas - Children's Choir Director; Sean Carroll and Jenn Sellman - Assistant Directors; Liz Latorre - Accompanist

Tom Pedas, The Celebration Singers and Children's Chorus



Tom Pedas