[The Sound of Music]

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[The Sound of Music]

Music:Richard Rodgers
Lyrics: Oscar Hammerstein II
Book: Howard Lindsay and Russel Crouse


Notes about   The Sound of Music

[Children] First performed on Broadway in 1959, The Sound of Music was inspired by the real-life story of the Trapp Family Singers, who fled from Nazi-occupied Austria before the outbreak of the Second World War. This classic Rodgers and Hammerstein musical celebrates the eternal triumph of freedom and romance.

The long-running show features songs that have become pop repertoire standards. From the open-hearted innocence of the title tune to the uplift of "Climb Every Mountain" to the folk simplicity of "Edelweiss" to the charm of "Do-Re-Mi" and "My Favourite Things," the Rodgers score is tuneful and memorable.

The show is the final collaboration between composer Richard Rodgers and lyricist OscarHammerstein II who passed away nine months after the opening. The story is based on Maria Von Trapp's autobiography The Story of the Trapp Family Singers. Originally, the musical was to contain only actual music that had been sung by the Trapps in their concerts, plus one original song by Rodgers and Hammerstein. The talented songwriting duo balked at this, however, and eventually they were allowed to contribute the entire score.

[Captain Van Trapp and Socialite Fiancee] The play is set in Austria in 1938. Maria Rainer, a free-spirited nun-in-training at Nonnburg Abbey, is having trouble adjusting to convent life. The sisters at the abbey doubt that she is truly suited to a religious vocation. In the first of many fine Rodgers and Hammerstein tunes, the nuns wonder, "How do you solve a problem like Maria?" They send Maria to be a temporary governess to the seven children of widower Captain Von Trapp of the Austrian navy.

The captain treats his children like a troop of regimented sailors: "The Von Trapp children don't play," the housekeeper tells Maria, "they march." Maria's love of music, and of life, soon endears her to the children. She teaches them, all dressed alike in play clothes she has made for them, songs such as "Do-Re-Mi".

When Maria finds herself falling in love with her employer, who is already engaged to wealthy socialite Elsa Schraeder, she runs back to the abbey but is made to return to her duties at the Von Trapp household. Soon, even the strict Captain begins to admire Maria. He breaks off his engagement to the haughty Baroness. The Captain and Maria fall in love and are married. Their happiness is quickly shattered by the Nazi invasion which forces the family to flee over the Alps to Switzerland.

The Sound of Music was presented by special arrangement with the
Rogers and Hammerstein Theatre Library, 229 W 28th St., NY, NY 10001

[Von Trapp Singers]


Maria Rainer —A courageous, sweet, joyful postulant at the Abbey who always has good intentions but is obviously not suited for the obedience needed to remain in the Abbey. She eventually falls in love with the Captain.

Sister Berthe —The strict Mistress of the Novices.

Sister Sophia

Sister Margaretta —The kind Mistress of Postulants.

Mother Abbess —The firm but understanding Mother of Nonnberg Abbey.

Liesl —The Captain's starry-eyed eldest daughter who is sixteen. She is also Rolf's girlfriend.

Herr Zeller — The village bully

Gretl —The Captain's youngest child who is five years of age.

Marta — The Captain's seven-year-old daughter.

Brigitta — The Captain's nine-year-old daughter.

Kurt —The Captain's ten-year-old son.

Louisa —The Captain's thirteen-year-old daughter.

Rolf Gruber — Liesl's seventeen-year-old boyfriend who eventually fights for the Nazis.

Max Detweiler —A manipulative, penniless impresario who is friends with the Captain.

Elsa Schrader —The Captain's attractive and wealthy fiancée.

Captain Georg von Trapp — A retired naval officer and strict father who eventually falls in love with Maria.

Admiral von Shreiber — A Nazi admiral who tries to convince Captain von Trapp to join the Nazi army.

Nuns, Nazis, neighbors, and friends of Captain von Trapp


“The Sound of Music”

Directed by Ken and Mary Webb
Musical Direction by Tom Pedas
Produced by Elizabeth Howard
Assistant Director: Arlene Wachstein
Choreography by Mary Webb

Nuns Chorus— Lee Ann Backer; Christa Carlucci, Alissa Corritore, Stacey McDermott, Molly Frieri, Erica Gryscko, Joy Merkel, Chrissy Perrotta, Donna Schlenker, Nora Weber, Jeanne Woerner
Maria Rainer— Hope Weinstein
The Mother Abbess — Ann Mineur Weeks, Alissa Corritore
Sister Berthe— Madge Wittel
Sister Margaretta— Karen Chamis
Sister Sophia— Sandy Howard
Captain Georg Van Trapp— Scott A. Smith
Frau Schmidt, the housekeeper— Anjanette Valiante
Liesl— Nicole Caprio
Friedrich— Jarrod Schlenker
Louisa— Tara Deieso
Kurt— Paul Sadowski
Brigitta— Maddie Skillman
Marta— Corinne Chandler
Gretl— Aleta Nadolny
Rolf Gruber— David Briceno, Eddie Egan
Elsa Schraeder— Pam Skillman
Max Detweiller— John Duryee
Herr Zeller— Timothy J. Watson
Frau Zeller— Molly Frieri
Baron Elberfeld— Paul Morrongiello
Frau Elberfeld— Donna Schlenker
New Postulant— Nora Weber
Admiral Von Schreiber— Ed Eittel
Festival Contestants— Christa Carlucci, Erica Grysko, Joy Merkel, Chrissy Perrotta
Party Guest/Nazi— Kevin Balla


Conductor — Tom Pedas
Piano Accompanist — Mary Beth McFall
Violins Violins — Jenise Grise, Allen Weakland
Woodwinds — Pat Hunt
Brass — Ken Hunt, Wyman Wong, Dona Chandler, Mike Silvester
Percussion — Don Boyle


Set Designer: Marc Chandler
Set Construction Supervisor: Terry Schultz
Set Decoration: Terry Blackburn
Set Painting: Ken Leonowicz, Kitty Leonowicz
Lighting Design:Vern Keller
Sound Design: Ed Wittel
Costume Supervisor:Carolee Ashwell-Pross
Makeup Supervisor:Mary McGhee
Props:Judi Chandler
Playbill:Judi and Mark Chandler
Publicity: Ken Eisenberg
Box Office: Bob Pells, Marilyn Court
Lobby and Raffle Sales:Madge Wittel, Peggy Seymour
Set Construction:Marc Chandler, Bob Pells, Jim Ruff, Ken Leonowicz, Jim McLane, Charlie Roessler, Roger Hayden, Woody Sliker, George Shuhan, Dick Chandler, Carl Peterson
Stage Crew: Jim Caffrey, Marc Chandler, Dick Chandler, FJ DeRobertis, Colin Fraser, Judi Fraser, Art Kusiv, Mike Marcus, Jim McLane, Jim Ruff, Paul Sadowski
Set Painting: Ken Leonowicz, Art Kusiv, Sande Mand
Lights: Peggy Seymour, Kevin Kessler, Alex Garlen, Joyce Owen, Mark Reilly, Jim Ruff, John Merkel
Sound:John Merkel
Costumes:Tracy Theatre, Inc., Peg Ruff, Arlene Wachstein
Dressers: Naomi Yablonsky, Sue Chandler, Mary Crane, Kate Slavin, Joyce Grysko, Joanne Nazzaro, Ginger Burd, Janice Whitney
Make Up: Danielle Einhorm, Mary Alice Topolesky, Christy Koeller, Amy Metroka, Rosemary Schultz, Frank Lettera
Props: Leslie Riccie, Judi Fraser, Marc Chandler

This production of “The Sound of Music ” was presented by special arrangement with the Rogers & Hammerstein Theatre Library, NY


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