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Performed March 18, 19, 20, 21, 26, 27, 2004

Scotch Plains-Fanwood High School Auditorium
Scotch Plains, New Jersey


Les Misérables —The Story and Characters

Based on Victor Hugo's classic novel, Les Miserables is an epic saga that sweeps through three turbulent decades of 19th century French history. The show is also the story of one man, the fugitive Jean Valjean, who is pitted against self-righteous Inspector Javert, in a lifelong struggle to evade capture. The storyline follows the life of Jean Valjean from when he was released from prison where he spent 19 years for stealing a loaf of bread.
[Chain Gang]

Jean Valjean finds that the yellow ticket-of-leave he must, by law, display condemns him to be an outcast. He is a bitter and desperate man. Only the saintly Bishop of Digne treats him kindly and Valjean, embittered by years of hardship, repays him by robbing the priest of silver. Valjean is caught and is astonished when the Bishop lies to the police to save him, also giving him two precious candlesticks. Valjean decides to start his life anew.


[The Inn]

[The Inn]

Eight years have passed and Valjean, having broken his parole and changed his name, has risen to become the Mayor of Montreuil-sur-Mer and a factory owner. As one of his workers, Fantine, is about to die, Valjean promises to take care of her illegitimate daughter, Cosette. After Valjean purchases Cosette from the money grubbing Thenaridiers (where she had been lodged and horribly mistreated for five years), the show moves 9 years to the future where Cosette has become a woman. With the French Revolution ensuing, Cosette falls in love with a student revolutionary, Marius. After a battle, Marius falls unconscious in the sewer of Paris. Before Valjean dies, he is able to save Marius so that Marius and Cosette can be wed.

1832, Paris
Nine years later, there is great unrest in the city because of the likely demise of the popular leader General Lamarque, the only man left in the government who shows any feeling for the poor. The urchin Gavroche is in his element mixing with the beggers of the capital. Among the street gangs is one led by Thenardier and his wife. The Thenardiers daugher Eponine, is secretly in love with the student Marius

[Paris 1832]

At a political meeting in a small cafe, a group of idealistic students prepare for the revolution they are sure will erupt on the death of General Lamarque. When Gavroche brings the news of the General's death, the students, led by Enjoiras, stream out into the streets to whip up popular support. Marius is distracted by thoughts of the mysterious Cosette, now a grown woman. Cosette is consumed by thoughts of Marious, with whom she has fallen in love.


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