The Celebration Singers Children's Choir
Music Memories

15th Anniversary Concert
Tom Pedas, Founder - Director
May 21-22, 2010 - Cranford, New Jersey

[Celebration Singers Adult and Children's Choirs]

[You Tube]
The Celebration Singers Adult and Children's Choirs performing
Battle Hymn of the Republic - Arr. Peter J. Wilhousky


[Children's Choir and Men's Ensemble]

Combined Children's Choir and Young Men's Ensemble
O Music...David Brunner
Cello: Thomas Stoke
Signed by: Jarryd Delaney, Devin Kenney, Elyse Mackenzie, Katie Stroz and Kaitlyn Verno

A note from Tom Pedas
Founder and Director
The Celebration Singers Children's Choir and Young Men's Ensemble

[Tom Pedas] Fifteen years ago the Celebration Children's Choir gave its first performance. The children participating in today's concert weren't even born then. The children from that first choir are now college graduates, some are teachers, one a doctor, several are in the service, some are now singing in the Celebration Singers adult choir, most of them are still involved in music in one way or another.

Over 300 young people have benefited from the Celebration Children's Choir in the last fifteen years. They have been the leads in their school musicals, the ones that have been chosen for All State, All Eastern and National Honor Choirs and the top students in their schools in academics. Several of these members were with us for six years...that means that they joined in fourth grade and continued even while in high school. Those members are Stephanie Bagniewski, Peter Collier, Emily Egan, Jake Forrestal, Katie Gordon, James Kulinski, Bridget McCoy, Beth Pindili, Nick Poulios, Francisco Queenan, and Angela Sandoukas.

We would not be able to do all that we do without the support of some special people. For several years now Kathy Sandoukas has done so much to keep this choir going. Other parents that have been a big help through the years were Lorraine DaSilva, Patti Carino, Mary Beth Collier and our first parent coordinator Camille Widdows. I thank these parents on behalf of the Children's choir as I do the board of directors of Celebration Singers and Heather Crawford for adding choreography to our songs.

In January of 2006 I started the Young Men's Ensemble to accommodate the older boys in the treble choir whose voices changed. The group of "Hams" has since become quite a crowd pleaser. As usual, tonight's program has a variety of music in it. We start with "O Music" telling of the power of music to move us in so many ways. We hope you will be moved by some very serious and some fun songs tonight.

[Mama Don't Allow no Music played round here]
Mama Don't 'low No Music Played 'Round Here ...arr. Aden Lewis
Director Tom Pedas prevailed and Mama (Jimmy Sweeney) did not stop the music.
Soloists: Maggie Lafemina, Thomas Dineen. Instrumentalists: Ross Mulcahy and Varshini Naryranan.


[Children's Choir]
Turn Around... Harry Belafonte
Soloists: Todd Sweeney and Allison Mease; Thomas Margaritondo and Angela Sandoukas
Joining the children are Children's Choir alumni (and current Celebration Singers adult choir members) Adam Jenkins,
Stephanie Savoia-Pearl, Noah Anderson and Molly Frieri.
A slide presentation featured photos of the children's performances from 1995 to the present. The lyrics include
"Turn around and you're two... Turn around and you're four...Turn around and you're a young girl going out of my door..."

[Children's Choir]
Gloria...Dan Davison
Keep Your Lamps Trimmed and Burning...Greg Gilpin;
Soloists: Katie Gordon; Percussion: Matthew Crawford

[Celebration Singers Men's Ensemble]
Songs performed by The Young Men's Ensemble:
Tell My Father (from the musical The Civil War)...Wildhorn/Murphy
Soloists: Matthew Crawford and Panayiotis Dimopoulos; Violinist, Francis Wong
Ride The Chariot...arr. Henry Smith; Soloists: Evan Cordero, Jimmy Sweeney, Ryan Burd, Richard Klein and Chris Centinaro

[Celebration Singers Men's Ensemble]
Duke of Earl...Edwards/Dixon, Williams; Soloists: Avi Kopla (Fri), Jake Forrestal (Sat)

[You Tube] Young Men's Ensemble performing The Twelve Days of Christmas

Young Men's Ensemble performing Please, Mr. Columbus

Young Men's Ensemble Rehearsal O Holy Night - Soloist: Jake Forrestal

Young Men's Ensemble Rehearsal The Duke of Earl - Soloist: Jake Forrestal


[Molly Frieri]
Galop...Ken Berg
Soloists: Julia Napolitano and Max Koplan
Conducted by Molly Frieri (former Celebration Children's Choir member)

[Children's Choir]
Can You Feel the Love Tonight...arr: Audrey Snyder
Choreographer: Heather Crawford
Soloists: Julia Mendes, Marissa Salway
Dancers: Mandy Crawford, Katie Gordon, Katie Lafemina, Jackie Napolitano, Beth Pindilli, Angela Sandoukas
Ryan Burd, Chris Centinaro, Kevin Dingelstedt, Jimmy Sweeney, Jack Venezia, and Francis Wong.

[Addams Family]
The Addams Family...arr: Mark Brymer
Soloist: Kaitlyn Verno
Dancers: Jordoan Burd, Garrett Forrestal, Lucy Hale, Hale Jaeger, Nathan Kramer, Bobby Morris
Jackie Napolitano, Victoria Napolitano, Beth Pindili, Marissa Salway, Charlotte Seltzer, Daniel Stryker and Todd Sweeney

[Children's Choir]

Music Director, Tom Pedas, distributes music to alumni of the Children's Choir
who returned to enjoy the concert and to join the chorus in singing "The Battle Hymn of the Republic"

[Celebration Singers staff]
Above are some of the many whose extraordinary efforts helped create treasured memories for so many young people - Thank You!

May your day be filled with music,
May your life be filled with song.

Tom Pedas, The Celebration Singers and Children's Chorus



Tom Pedas