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Cranford Repertory Theatre Co.
proudly presents
The Music Man
Tom Pedas — Director/Musical Director
Orange Avenue School, Cranford, New Jersey
March 22, 23, 29, 30, 2003.
Sponsored by Temple Beth-El Mekor Chayim.



Notes about The Music Man
Tom Pedas, Director/Musical Director

[Tom Pedas] Welcome to the Cranford Repertory Theatre's production of "The Music Man". Today we are travelling back to 1912 to River City Iowa, a time when the model t-ford was just invented, when there were no modern department stores, and pickels and crackers were sold in open barrels. This was a time when traveling salesmen would go from town to town by train to sell various items.

Professor Harold Hill has developed a reputation among travelling salesmen and none of it good. In order to sell his band instruments and uniforms he promises to form a local boy's band. After he gets paid he leaves town without forming the band he promised.

The Music Man follows the story of a con man's entry into the small town of River City, Iowa under the guise of being a music teacher. The musical follows fast-talking traveling salesman Harold Hill as he cons the people of River City, Iowa into buying instruments and uniforms for a boys' band he vows to organize — this despite the fact he doesn't know a trombone from a treble clef. His plans to skip town with the cash are foiled when he falls for Marian the librarian, who transforms him into a respectable citizen by curtain's fall.

The Music Man is the winner of eight Tony Awards including best musical, author, composer and lyricist. Its cast album won the Grammy Award, while the score for the film won an Academy Award.

The Music Man, is an All-American salute to music, romance, and fast-talking flim-flam. Featuring songs such as "Seventy-six Trombones," "Trouble," "Til There Was You," "Pickalittle," and "Gary, Indiana," the musical will sing and dance its way into your hearts!

Tom Pedas
Director — Music Director, “The Music Man”
Cranford Repertory Theatre


In addition to The Music Man Tom Pedas has served as Music Director for Cranford Repertory Theater's productions of Fiddler on the Roof, Anything Goes and Oliver!. The Cranford Repertory Theatre is a nonprofit organization with an enviable record of producing top rate, Broadway quality shows. For further information contact Cindy Smith (908) 276-5053.


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