Hillside Avenue School Presents

Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat

music by Andrew Lloyd Webber
Lyrics by Tim Rice

Directed by Tom Pedas
Choreographer — Barbara-Jude Greco
Piano Accompanist — Fran Engleman
February 19 - 20, 1999


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Hillside Pupils Set Stage for ‘Joseph’
Curtain rises on musical Feb 19-20

By Alec Moore
Cranford Chronicle— Thursday, February 11, 1999

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CRANFORD — Students at the Hillside Avenue School will be presenting their rendition of the Broadway musical ‘Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat’ on Feb 19 and 20 at 8:00p.m. at the Hillside Avenue School auditorium.

‘Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat’ is a musical that you never get tired of," said Director and Hillside Avenue School music teacher Tom Pedas, who indicated there are a variety of singing and dancing numbers throughout the show.

"The irresistable musical of Joseph tells a story of hardship, faith, endurance, betrayal and forgiveness," said Pedas, " "This is a great family show for all ages from the young on up to the very oldest of us. It has entertained and inspired audiences around the world."

‘Joseph’ tells the story of Joseph and his spiteful 11 brothers in ancient Israel and includes country and western music, calypso, ballads, rap and rock-and-roll music reminiscent of the 1950's

Fifty-five students will be performing in the play with another 15 working behind the scenes, many of whom are—in addition to being members of the Hillside Avenue School chorus—are also members of New Jersey's all-state chorus.

Pedas pointed out that the students involved in the production are an extremely versatile and well-rounded group of youngsters, some of whom gave up winter sports in order to be able to devote their time to the play's five-day-a-week rehearsal schedule.

The leading role of Joseph will be played by eighth grader Eddie Egan, a member of the school's chorus as well as vice-president of the student government and an athlete who competes in wrestling, football and baseball.

Eddie described the experience of practicing to perform in the musical as an extremely valuable learning experience and said that even after four months of practicing he still enjoys going to rehearsals because of the friends that he has made there.

Eighth graders Samantha Dango and Kate Esolda, both members of the school and all-state choruses, will share the part of the narrator. The role of Joseph's father, Jacob, will be played by Sam Ballen while Lalkha Lopez, Keven Kessler, Ryan Meier, Mark Harley, John Merkel, John Destasio, Joe Vultaggio, Mike Dooley, Randy Lutz, Michael Davitt, Brian Kowalski, Todd Wilson and Peter Collier play Joseph's brothers.

Featured dancers in the production include Natalie Castagno, Jennifer Eisenberg, Sabrina Friebis, Julie Kulinski and Jillian Widdows.


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A Letter From the Director, Tom Pedas

[Tom Pedas, Music Director] The Broadway hit ‘Joseph’ was written by Andrew Lloyd Webber who also wrote ‘Cats’, ‘Evita’, ‘Phantom of the Opera’ and many other hit shows.

It is the Biblical story, all told in music, of Joseph, Jacob's favorite son. The setting is Canaan and Egypt. Joseph had the power to interpret dreams, a sign of power and greatness in ancient times. However, his brothers weren't fond of Joseph - or his dreams - and became even more jealous when their father gave him an extraordinary multi-colored "dreamcoat". The brothers tried to get rid of Joseph by selling him into slavery and explained to their father that he had been killed. Act I unfolds with such numbers as ‘Any Dream Will Do,’ ‘Jacob and Sons/Joseph's Coat’, ‘Joseph's Dreams’, ‘Poor, Poor, Joseph,’, ‘One More Angel in Heaven’ ‘Close Every Door’ and ‘Go, Go, Go, Joseph’. Act I ends with Joseph in a prison in Egypt.

In Act II, the Pharoah is having trouble sleeping at night and Joseph is called upon to interpret his recurring dream. Joseph explains that Egypt is in for seven years of "plenty" followed by seven years of famine and advises that they start saving food for the years of hardship. The Pharoah is impressed and appoints him as his chief advisor.

This irresistable musical tells a story of hardship, faith, endurance, betrayal, and in the end forgiveness. This message should inspire us all to follow our dreams.

Special thanks to Dr. Corriero, Grace Bachmann, Barbara Baker, John Baker, Kevin Brady, Mary Beth Collier, Mary Heller, Michelle Heuser, Joanne Hofrfacker, Kathy Meier, Mike Merola, Patti Merola, Matt Nazzaro, Mary Purcell, Bob Sadowski, Pat Sep, Kevin Wegryn, Kathy Waschek, Camille Widdows, Dave Whitmeyer, Sylvester Pickett, Tom Babos, Cranford Repertory Theatre, the custodial staff, the parents, Mrs. McNary and the sixth grade class for all of their help.

Tom Pedas
Music Director



[Parent Helpers]

Director/Music Director Tom Pedas
Assistant Director Julie Levine
Dianogue coach Grace Bachmann
Choreographer Barbara-Jude Greco
Assistant Choreographer Justin Bellero
Piano accompanist Fran Engleman
Chorus Assistant Kate Vaupel
Synthesizer John Brixie
PercussionistAntonio Nistico
Set designJudy Turner/Ellen Pease
Set construction/paintingJudy Turner/Ellen Pease and Parents
Technical director Tom Sicola
Stage manager Patti Baer
Costumes Susan Frick/Parents
PublicityTrish Compton/Parents
PropsMary Beth Collier/Parents
Make up Trish Compton/Parents
Music Staff

Senior Citizen show Camille Widdows/Parents
Sound Matt Andrews
Cast party Cheri Egan, Linda Vultaggio/Parents
Video Michael Mangini/HAS students
Stage Crew Patti Baer, Jaclyn Evaristo, Ryan Grau, Ed Durning,
Sandra Babcock, Megan Berry, Diego Sardone,
Gerard Checcia, Sean Brennan, Chelsea Lanier
Lighting Crew Mark Stewart, Bryan Tansky, Matt Wilson, Brian Jagusak


Superintendent of Schools Emalene F. Renna, Ed.D
Deputy Superintendent of Schools Willian F. Cashman
Director of Curriculum and Personnel John Feldman, Ed.D.
PrincipalJoseph Corriero, Ed.D.
Vice Principal Warren W. Pinto
Business Administrator Miriam Goodman


President: Dr. Saul Zucker, President
Vice President: Mrs. Rita Vecca
Board MemberMrs. Cheryl Carbone
Board Member Mr. Peter Caprio, Jr.
Board Member Mrs. Cynthia Myers
Board Member Mrs. Edna Silvey
Board Member Mrs. Mary Catherine Sudiak
Board Member Mrs. Mary Venditti
Board Member Mrs. Lois Verhoeven

Tom Pedas, The Celebration Singers and Children's Chorus


e-mail Tom Pedas at: tpedas@aol.com