The Celebration Singers and Children's Choirs
Tom Pedas, Director

Music and the Millennium


[Children's Chorus]

[Collage Soloists]
Our Anniversary Concert celebrating the Millennium included, among other selections,
‘The Awakening’ by Joseph Martin;   ‘Ave Verum Corpus’ by Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart;
‘Prayer of the Children’ by Kurt Bestor;   ‘Yo Le Conto Todo El Dia’ by David Brunner;
‘Mr. Bach’ by Fred Silver;   ‘Breathing with Beethoven’ by Beethoven, arr. Phyllis Wolfe;
‘The Flops of the Fifties’, arr. Stephen Lawrence;   ‘Lights’ by Sally Albrecht;
‘Pasta’ arr. Kirby Shaw;   ‘Testament of Freedom’ by Thomas Jefferson/Randall Thompson

‘It Don't Mean A Thing’
by Irving Mills, Duke Ellington
Dancers: Amy Trotter and Frank Alansky — Kristin Witherington and Kevin M. Brady, Jr.

[Amy and Frank][Kristen and Kevin]

‘Old Time Religion’
Soloists: Carmelyn Marinaro, Khy Garner

[Old Time Religion]

‘Mama Look Sharp’ (1776)
by Samuel Edwards
Soloists: Eddie Egan, Justin Bellero

[Eddie and Justin]

‘A Valediction’
by Matt Sklar, Ernest Dowson

The Celebration Singers commissioned Matt Sklar to write a song commemorating the 60th Anniversary of the group. Read about his work and the premier performance of ‘A Valediction’.

Celebration Singers commissions a work

Young conductor helps ‘sing’ in the Millennium

[Candid Photos]

[Millennium Program]

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