Part II

The Celebration Singers and Children's Choir

[Tom Pedas]

A Night at the Movies

[Chidren's Chorus]

" O Happy Day (Medley from Sister Act II) "

[Carmelyn as Nun]

" Kids" "Telephone Hour" "Summer Nights" "We Go Together"

[Children's Chorus]

[Telephone Hour]

" I Sing the Body Electric"

[Song 'Fame'] [Fame]

News articles relating to A Night At the Movies
Video Staff Conrad John
Director: Tom Pedas
Piano Accompanist: Conrad Erdt
Synthesizer: John Brixie
Percussion: Tony Capobianco
Guest Narrator: Karen Theiss

Assistant Directors: Kristen DiBella, Omar Garner, Khy Garner, Rick Marsden, Carmelyn Marianaro , Barbie Greco, Tom Pedas

Choreography Assistants For Children: Kristen DiBella,Amy Trotter, Stefanie Clay

Staging for "Little Mermaid": Tom Pedas, Rick Marsden, Jane Edwards

Set Decoration: Rick Marsden, Manny Gonzalez,Jane Edwards,Carmelyn Marinaro, Dennis Jenkins, Carol Crincoli, Cheryl Wallace, Eugene Kobliska, Pat Cutaneo

Costumes: Nina Miller, Carole Stelzer, Carmilyn Marinaro, Lori Theiss, Carol Crincoli, Cherly Wallace, Jane Edwards

Ad Journal/Publicity/Newsletter: Christopher Smith and Lori Theiss (special thanks to Eugene Kobliska & TV-35)

Mailing Committee: Dennis Jenkins, Adam Jenkins, Lori Theiss, Christopher Smith, Allison Frazier, Frank Alansky, Judy Hailey, Eugene Kobliska, Jim & Elna Batykefer, Maria Singer, Linda Lombardo (thanks to Sal and Christie Lombardo too), Carole Stelzer

Child/Parent Coordinator: Mary Beth Collier
Section Leader/Sopranos: Carole Stelzer
Section Leader/Altos: Carmelyn Marinaro
Section Leader/Tenors: Lori Theiss
Section Leader/Basses: Frank Alansky

Music Staff

President: Dennis Jenkins
Vice President: Lori Theiss
Treasurer: Ray D'Amato
Secretary: Carole Stelzer
Manager, Concert Staging: Rick Marsden
Manager, Concert Appearances: Carmelyn Marinaro
Manager, Publicity; Christopher Smith
Librarian: Maria Singer
Constitution/By-Laws: Ray D'Amato


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