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The 1947 Reflector — Volume XXXI - Forty-Third Annual Commencement


1947 — A School in Action

[Library ]

Under the guidance of Mrs. Mary Catherine Downey, the Library Staff comprised of Patricia Carine, Norma Falasco, Martha Flack, Grace DeVito, Norma J. Griffin, and Shirley Patt help the student body to use and to understand the library thoroughly. The assistants have complete charge of distributing and receiving books, keeping current events on file, and preserving the general appearance of the Library.

This year, many new books have been added to the library. They include material on witchcraft, magic, sports, music, biography, World War II, modern references, and twentieth century novels, short stories, plays and essays.

[ Public Address System ]

Public Address System

At the Public Address System in our school are technician William Higgins and the announcers: Dominic Giancarlo, Jeannine Albaugh, and Frank Duby, who are ready to begin the eight-thirty home room period program for the school. “Everyone, please rise to give the pledge of allegiance to the flag,” is the first announcement after which the general announcements for the day or the week are made.

The announcers and technicians for the 1946-1947 school term are Julentha Frank, Dominic Giancarlo, Patricia Komar, Andrew Lehotay, Jeannine Albaugh, Anthony Anastasas, Robert Zickar, Frank Duby, William Higgins, and Henry Richardson.

Projectionist's Club

[ Projectionist Club]

History of the Class of 1947
Written by senior class member Marguerite Biga

[Faculty 1947]

On September 3, 1943, we were the first class to enter Farrell Senior High School as freshmen. Under the direction of Miss Bessie Struck, our class advisor, we elected our class officers: William B. Anderson, president; Nicholas Cindea, vice-president, and Iris Hatwood, secretary. As members of the Freshman Class, we participated in all of the school activities that were open to us.

[Captain Pedas] The following September, we, as sophomores, helped to sponsor the newly organized canteen where we enjoyed the dances and the entertainments held in the Junior High School Gymnasium. For our class officers, we elected James Pedas, president; Thomas Lewis, vice president; and Irene Zipay, secretary. Our class ranked high in the sale of war bonds, in the salvage collections, and in the clothing drives. When the curtain finally closed on our second year, we looked forward to our third adventure. We are grateful to our class advisor, Mr. Lewis Sarcinella, for his active interest in our class affairs.

As Juniors, under the guidance of Miss Julia S. Wallace, we elected our class officers; George Salem, president; William B. Anderson, vice president; and Rose Marie Fazzalore, secretary. We devoted our time and efforts to studying and to participating in all of the school organizations and activities. How proud we were when we completed our third year successfully. Everyone who attended it praised our Junior-Senior Prom. We are grateful to Mr. Paul Komar for planning and assisting with the decorations for the Prom and to Miss Julia Wallace for her never failing guidance in making it the Prom of all Proms. At the Class of 1946 Farewell Assembly, we were happy to see our class president accept the cap and gown, the symbol of another step toward our final year in school. When we attended the 1946 commencement activities, we were delighted to see so many members of our class in the Honor Arch and in the Honor Guard, after their having attained a ninety or better average in their scholastic work.

Under the direction of Miss Esther Zentz our class advisor, we were determined to make our final year a success. We elected our class officers: Jack P. Monaco, president; William B. Anderson, vice president, and Irene Zipay, secretary. We selected our class motto, “Endeavor Forever,” suggested by Magdalene Petrick; our class flower, the white gardenia; and our class colors, green and white. During the year, we published our yearbook, “The 1947 Reflector.” On November 1, 1946, we enjoyed the Senior-Junior Harvest Dance where Virginia Low ruled as queen. We also were active in all of the school affairs and helped to make the canteen a success. On December 12, 1946, at a special assembly, we bade farewell to Mr. Carroll D. Kearns, our superintendent of schools, who had resigned to become a Congressman of the United States. At another assembly on December 17, 1946, we welcomed Mr. John Hetra, our former high school principal, as our new superintendent of schools, and Mr. Anthony J. Pintar as our new high school principal. We pledged our loyalty to them.

After much study and hard work, we finally reached our goal! We were honored guests at the beautiful Junior-Senior Prom. We enjoyed our Senior Class Breakfast after which we presented our Farewell Assembly and bade farewell to our school, our schoolmates, and our teachers. We enjoyed the class day activities at Conneaut Lake Park. On May 27, 1947, we proudly stepped to the stage to receive our diplomas. We were proud of the honors that many of our classmates brought to the school during the past four years in scholarship, athletics, music, citizenship, and school activities. We shall “Endeavor Forever” to bring greater honors to our school, our community, our state, and our nation, as the years roll by.

Farrell High School

Class of 1947

[Class Officers]


Jeannine Albaugh
Oliver Alston
William B. Anderson — Vice President
Mary Ann Andrasko

Betty V. Babos
Nellie Bale
William Barth

Mary Bencivengo
Stella Bibich
Marguerite Biga

Robert Bogdan
Thomas Borawski
Dorothy Bosak

Olivia Broadway
Hubert Brown
Rose Bunyak

Nicholas Butchko
Mike Buzzeo
Patricia Carine

Julia Carpinko
Priscilla Castiglione
Mary Jane Cefrick

Constance Charles
Robert E. Chavers
Sophie Chavka

Anne Chestnut
Mary Chewar
Marie Chiappnella

Madeline Chieffo
Marie A. Chiodo
Marie C. Chiodo

John Chirila
Frank Christello
Daniel Cica

Nick Cindea
Frank Ciotola
Emma L. Crim

Louis Dalessandro
George T. David
Yvonne Dawson

Nick DeCarmen
Anthony DeGennaro
Louis DePreta

Louis Derloni
Mary Deronja
Stacia Diacoganes

Joseph Dresel
Frank Duby
Ann Dudash

John Duich
Lois J. Dunkerley
Betty Jane Durisko

Edward Dyll
Mike Dzurinda
Evelyn Easterling

David Edwards
Patricia Egan
Rose Marie Fazzalore

Jessie Fill
George Fennell
Leo Fiscus

Martha Flack
Vivian Ford
Andrew Formichella

Frances Franek
Josephine Gabella
John Gagliardi

Leroy Ganzy
Olga Gargano
Sabina Gentile

Dominic Giancarlo
Catherine Giovanelli
James Golubich

Alice Gotch
Harold Graham
William Grande

Preston Grear
Howard Greenbaum
Ida Greenberg

Edmund Griglak
Joseph Grzeszczak
Olive Gunther

Edward Halula
Mary Barbara Hardy
Geneva Haynes

Anna Marie Hedrick
Mildred Henderson
William Higgins

Irene Hotsic
James Husnick
David Jackson

Barbara Jarwin
David Joseph
Albert C. Kaletka

Patricia Kilbert
Irene Kohut
George Koluncich

Mary Lescisin
Thomas Lewis
Michael Lingner

Elaine Lobl
Virginia Low
Raymond Luce
Rosalie Makara
Adeline Mancini
Salvadore Mancino

Carolyn Mango
Ronald Marks
Gordon McDonald
John Mikulas
George Milikich
Mary Lou Mirage
Jack P. Monaco — President

Sabina Montich
Cornelius Moore
Herbert Mosley
Eugene Mostrog
Andrew Mudrinich
Robert Nelson
Anne Louise Nemetz
Anne Nicastro
Harold Ondic

Edward Ondich
John Ondich
Olimpia Paglia
John Palko
William Palmer
James Pedas

Magdalene Petrick
Maurice Phillips
George Pickett
Larry Pintar
Betty Jane Podolsky
M. Dolores Pritchard
Goldie Prizant
Rose Marie Quarterson
Betty Ann Ray
James Reagle
Josephine Reda
Juliann Rehak
Edith Robinson
Rebecca Robinson
Helen M. Rock
Laura Ann Roskos
Jacquelyn Rotell
Irene Ruffo
Frances M. Sabo
Mary Sabol
Eugene Sadowski
Sadie Salandria
George Salem
Arlene Santelli
Ernest Saunders
Dolores Scannella
Eugene Scarmack
Pauline Schiau
Dolores Schuster
Richard Schuster
John Sed
William Skarica
Vera Skladanek
Burdette Smith
Charmaine Smith
William Sok
Rita Sponberger
Edward Stanton
Mike Stawaisz
Jo Anne Stefanak
Betty A. Steiner
Mary Stetar
Anne Stickle
Raymond Susa
Joseph Svetina
Oliver Taylor
Florence Thomas
Earl Tolone
Irene Uhalie
Mamie Uretta
Ralphlene Vellente
David Vermeire
Dolores Vernille
Sennetha Wearing
Maximo White
Beatrice Williams
Robert Williams
Dolores Wlodarski
Lois Woodfolk
E. Rozell Wright
Ethel Yanak
Irene Yevchak
Joseph R. Yurcich
Mary Zahariou
Rose Zappa
Alfred Zawacki
Charles Ziccardi
Frank Zickar
Irene Zipay — Secretary (photo at top of page)

Greetings from Superintendent Carroll D. Kearns

[Carroll D. Kearns ] To the Seniors and Underclassmen of Farrell High School:

Less than six months ago I addresseed you as your superintendent of schools. To you, that has probably been a very short time, for the mid-year school days pass quickly when one is young. To me, however, being away from you and missing you as I always shall, and starting upon a new job, these months have marked a long time, a time almost as long in fact it seems as that which has elapsed since I first became your superintendent, when the oldest amoung you were just entering the seventh grade.

In those years I learned to know the majority of you by name. My primary interest was in you, both as individuals and as members of school organizations or pupils of certain grades or buildings — in seeing that you received the finest opportunities for educatin that the taxpayers of Farrell could afford to offer you. You in return always gave me your consideration in what you sought in your school life. Thus we worked together, we made our plans together, we solved our problems together, and we succeeded together — you and I. We were on the same team and it played for one goal, the betterment of the Farrell schools. No superintendent was ever associated with a finer group of boys and girls and no superintendent ever had more reason to be proud than I was, and will always continue to be, of you.

Now I represent you as your Congressman in the United States House of Representatives. You are still my team, and I am counting on you to win. For now we have a bigger job on our hands. As I sit in conference on the Education and Labor Committee and have decisions to make in regard to educational policy, I know that those decisions are going to affect the boys and girls in schools all over America. I shall have you in mind as I think of them. Together we will still be planning, but this time for better opportunities for all the school children of America…

You comprise the student body of only one high school in America, but to me you will always exemplify my belief and my faith in the youth of our land. The hope of America lies in young people such as you. As I have had faith in you, so do I have faith in America. I know that you will not disappoint me in the years to come. May God bless you.

Carroll D. Kearns

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