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South Sharon High School
(South Sharon was renamed Farrell in 1912)


[South Sharon High School]

Class of 1908
(Three Year Course)
Owing to the fact that the three-year high school course was changed to a four-year course, no class was graduated in 1908. The names of the class members, shown below, graduated in 1909. The status of each alumnus, as of 1937, was recorded in the 1937 Reflector and is shown below.

[Farrell High School - Class of 1908-09]

Wilbur Baird
Florist; Greenville, Pa.

Mary Burnside

Joseph Greenburg
Manager of P & G Store, Farrell, Pa.

John Lehr
Specialist at Mercer Sanitorium; Mercer, Pa.

Matilda Pasher McQuiston

John L. Price
Salesman; Cleveland, Ohio

Myrtle Jones Roberts
Talmadge, Ohio

Andrew Sage
School Director, Lawyer, Engineer, Farrell, Pa.


[Basketball Team 1908-1909]

Frank McConnon, Steve Evans, Mr. William Shellenberger Principal of South Sharon High School, Benjamin James, Captain Joseph McCreary, Chester Colgan, Wilbur Baird, Byron Sieg, Jack Price, Arthur Colgan


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