My FAQ-Getting Personal

Last updated on 4/14/99
These are some questions that I frequently get asked about myself; so if we ever meet, try to come up with something original.

What do you do?
I simply try to do the best I can with whatever I've got! I am now a Secondary Education English major, butI used to be English Lit, so sometimes I refer to myself as a Lit major too. I have spent five years of my life in marching band and have survived being a band manager, cymbal player, bass (in high school and college), and tri-toms.

Your spelling and grammer sucks! Are you really going to be an English teacher?
Yes for both statements, and my handwriting is even worse. I will take several concepts of grammer and traditions of spelling in my junior year, and I basically type everything, even my notes. Deal with it.

Where have you been all my life?
Aside from commuting between the states of hysteria and insanity? Born in New Jersey and raised in Pennsylvania, I have been to Princeton, New York City, Canada, Greece, Turkey, Israel, Egypt, Cyprus, and the Bahamas. Perhaps going to London would be the next logcal step, since the British Museums have more of the Acropolis than Greece does since that whole Elgin Marbles affair. My father was the son of Greek immigrants and I am very proud of the culture that I inherited through him. I currently reside mainly at Slippery Rock University in western PA.

Why don't you wear make up?
You'd be surprised how many people think that I must be the ultra-flowerchild/femiNazi since I typically done wear make up. Yes, I do wear it ocassionally, if I am going to the theater (as in musicals) or an important dinner with the family. I just feel that it isn't necessary to worry about putting it on every morning and touching up every hour. Not that other people will accept this. I have a cosmetic bag full of Christen Dior, Chanel and whatever else my relatives felt was needed for me to be acceptable in society. I have hardly used anything in there for about six years, most of it is as good as new, and that doesn't bother me at all. Isn't it funny that my parents spent so much time teaching me not to judge others by their appearence, they never heard their own lectures?

What is up with your clothes?
Again with the whole appearences thing: wern't you ever told that you can't judge a book by its cover? I can usually be spotted with t-shirt and jeans or tye-dye and sweats. I have about five pairs of shoes and my ears are unpierced. My hair is simply washed, brushed, and pulled back with a headband or into a ponytail. I don't paint my nails or wear rings. I love wearing necklaces, the brighter the better. I have dozens of dresses and skirts, vests, and trutlenecks that some people in my family think I don't wear only because I don't have enough of them! I only bother with those outfits for church or formal events. I like being able to do things like sitting on the floor or picking up a dusty box without worrying about keeping my clothes perfect. I like to do more than look pretty. Helen may have launched a thousand ships, but she didn't do much to stop the war.

So are you, like, a hippie or something?
According to my dictionary, a hippie is a person who rejects conventional standards and customs, and is one advocating extreme liberalism in sociopolitical attitudes and lifestyles. I don't know exactly what the second half means, but the rejecting convention if necessary seems like a good idea. Think of me as a Neo-Hippie: I read Timothy Leary and the Bible, I wear sandals and love beads and I have never taken illegal drugs in my life. I am all for thinking diffrently, but not for overthrowing the government.

Are you single/dating/gay?
Single and hetero, thanks for asking. I am open to having a new relationship, but not actively looking like some of my friends. If I happen to run into Mr. Right in the library or Will Do between classes, great; but I won't be picking out new dresses and bar hopping when I should be studying.

Why do you like reading, what do you read?
I am an English major; if I didn't like reading, I would be seriously screwed! As a basic rule, if it is writtendown in English, I enjoy reading it. I love learning about everything from Existentialism to Japanese anime, and I spend a lot of time on line since I can only afford so many books.

How much time do you spent on-line?
Typically, anywhere from four to ten hours per day. I check my email about twelve times a day and I have five email accounts. I used to use a Mac when I was in middle school and an Amiga before that, but now I am almost completely Windows 98.

So who is the guy with the camera?
Probably my dad, he is just so proud of his little girl. He is a media technician, so he spends a lot of time with cameras, computers, and VCRs. After any school event that I was in, several of my peers would come asking me for a copy of the tape. I never said that my dad was there, never said that he taped it, but people just knew that he would be there. I guess I am just lucky like that. Of course there are some embarrassing episodes, like the time he put a spotlight on his camera, tracked me down at the busses after the game, and taped me sitting on the bus for ten minutes until we left. The section had a good laugh about that one. Now that he has a digital camera and scanner for the computer, I may be graphically enhancing my site soon. If you have been putting off upgrading your modem, I suggest you wait no longer. Note to my friends: if either of you have any objections to my posting any photos of you that I may have in my possession, now is the time to make me a deal.

Is that all?
No such luck. Stay tuned for future updates.


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