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[Photo Warren Young] Dr. Warren Young has sailed throughout the northern and southern hemispheres to point out the wonders of the heavens to thousands of cruise passengers around the world. His enthusiasm to communicate the wonders of the universe and his expertise combine to make everyone take notice of what is happening in the sky.

Dr. Young is chair of the Department of Physics and Astronomy and Director of the Ward Beecher Planetarium Youngstown State University in Youngstown, Ohio.

He received his bachelor's degree from Case University in Cleveland and his Ph.D from the Ohio State University. Since the early 1960's Dr. Young has been active in astronomy and science education, writing many articles and papers, teaching college courses, presenting a weekly astronomy radio program, conducting astronomy workshops for teachers, and appearing on television programs to explain astronomical phenomena.

Dr. Young is involved with the Great Lakes Planetarium Association, the International Planetarium Society, and many others.

Dr. Young's research interests are in the area of observational astronomy, including photometry and stellar spectroscopy. He is a specialist in solar system astronomy and has done research on satellites of giant planets.

Recent publications and research include the navigation of Christopher Columbus and Iapetus, a satellite of Saturn. He has been published in Earth, Moon and Planets, Sky and Telescope, The Planetarian, and StarDate,and is contributor to the Encyclopedia Britannica. He was a co-writer of Serpents of the Sun, a program about the astronomy of the mound-building Indians of the Ohio and Mississippi valleys. The Martha Holden Jennings Foundation supported duplication and distribution of the program free of charge to planetariums throughout Ohio.

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