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Dr. Michael E. Moseley

South America —Voyage to Lost Civilizations

[Mike Moseley in the Andes] Dr. Michael E. Moseley is an engaging lecturer, stimulating teacher, learned writer and international authority on Andean archaeology with more than three decades of scientific exploration and excavation experience in Peru and Bolivia.

Dr. Moseley is Professor and Associate Chair of the Department of Anthropology at the University of Florida. Here he is also Director of the Institute for Archaeology and Paleoenvironmental Studies. His popular introductory text, The Incas and Their Ancestors; The Archaeology of Peru, was the foundation for The Incas: Mysteries of the Ancestors a 1995 Time-Life television documentary viewed by millions.

A fellow of the American Association for the Advancement of Science, Dr. Moseley received his Ph.D from Harvard University where he subsequently served as Associate Professor, and Director of the institution's Chan Chan-Moche Valley Project. Supported by the National Geographic Society and the National Science Foundation, the project mapped and investigated the sprawling archaeological metropolis of Chan Chan and carried out excavations at the earlier Moche Pyramids of the Sun and Moon.

Joining Chicago's Field Museum of Natural History, Dr. Mosely's research expanded to the ruins of ancient canals, fields, and terraces and the timely stories they tell about recurrent natural disasters induced by earthquakes, El Nino Events, and deadly droughts. At the University of Florida he works with a large cadre of students in Peru's Moquegua Valley investigating environmental change and the rise and fall of civilization — the focus of a documentary run on PBS and the Discovery Channel.

Dr. Moseley is a research associate of the Carnegie Museum, Pittsburgh and a former Senior Fellow of Dumbarton Oaks, Washington D.C. Widely published in scientific journals. Books that he has authored and/or edited include The Maritime Foundations of Andean Civilization, Peru's Ancient Treasures, Chan Chan: Andean Desert City, and The Northern Dynasties: Kingship and Statecraft in Chimor.

Dr. Moseley's wide ranging studies reflect a fascination with all aspects of human accomplishments in the Andes ranging from the excavation of twelve thousand year old fisherfolk, through architectural analysis of grand pyramids to the investigation of Spanish Colonial haciendas.

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