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Eclipse'99 - Black Sea Voyage to Darkness
Voyages of Discovery - The Cradle of Civilization; The Ancient World

Born in Athens, Lola Makaroff spent 20 years in Argentina, where she graduated from the University of Economic Sciences of Buenos Aires.

When she returned to her homeland of Greece, she studied archaeology and graduated from the College of Lecturers/Guides of Athens. In addition to her three mother languages of Greek, Russian, and Spanish, she speaks both English and Italian fluently.

Since 1965, Mrs. Makaroff has been lecturing for Royal Olympic Cruises and on board various Italian ships, sailing all through the Eastern and Western Mediterranean countries, as well as along the coasts of the Black Sea. For years she guided students from both Stanford and Louisville University, as well as various famous personalities, including the president of Argentina, introducing them to the culture, civilization, and history of her beloved country.

At each port, Mrs. Makaroff will share fascinating information about their history and culture and valuable hints for shopping and taking in sights of interest.

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