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Cruise Director David Levesque wears many; hats, and he wears each one with style. In addition to his official duties, he has graciously agreed to serve as an enrichment lecturer and share his special blend of knowledge: history and the sea.

Levesque received his undergraduate degree in history from the United States Coast Guard Academy in New London, Conn. After serving 10 years as a law enforcement and marine safety specialist, he resigned his commission as a lieutenant commander and began working as an entertainer and freelance writer.

He began working on cruise ships in 1988, and soon found himself in the additional role of enrichment lecturer, specializing in general maritime history, navigation, and voyages of discovery to and from the Americas.

Between his own voyages, he makes his home in Portland, Oregon, where he teaches safety and first aid for the American Red Cross as well as acting and directing stage productions for local semi-professional and community theater companies.

Mr. Levesque is a founding member of Comedyspotz Portland, an improvisational comedy troupe. He teaches theater skills and writing for Pacific Northwest recreation departments, and presents lectures on history and travel for service organizations, schools, and community centers.

Currently, he is working on a comic novel on the life of Christopher Columbus and his Master's thesis (and hopes to be able to keep them from getting mixed up, he says).

"Ancient and Modern Voyages" will be Mr. Levesque's enrichment topic for our sailings. Our cruise director's talks reflect his rich background. From pirates to explorers, gold-laden galleons to Darwin and the Oregon Trail, Levesque blends his knowledge of history with his fascination with the sea to bring voyages of discovery alive.

And, as all researchers know, delving into one topic usually leads to interest in another - and he's now developing talks on the war in the Pacific, Michelangelo, Picasso, the East India companies, the navigation of the Polynesians, and the travels of Marco Polo.

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