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Eclipse '99 - Black Sea Voyage to Darkness aboard Royal Olympic's Stella Solaris
Caribbean Eclipse '98 - Voyage to Darkness aboard Sun Line's Stella Solaris
Asian Eclipse '95 - Voyage to Darkness aboard Orient Line's Marco Polo
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Big Sky Eclipse '79 - Montana
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Voyages of Discovery - The Cradle of Civilization; The Ancient World
African Eclipse 2002 - Voyage to Darkness

[George Keene]
George T. Keene is retired from the Eastman Kodak Company, where he was supervisor of the Photo Science Group in the Government Systems Division. In this capacity he guided the development and application of the optics, films and auxiliary equipment required for high-resolution photographic systems for spacecraft as well as the development of new photo procedures. He also served as project manager for Advanced Earth Resources Systems.

Mr. Keene has extensive experience in design and improvement of printing and processing equipment and is familiar with color sensitometry and the photometric performance of many of the Kodak film products. His expertise also includes development of new color products and processes for the professional motion picture industry.

But his vision extends far beyond new films and processes. An avid stargazer, Keene has designed and constructed several astronomical telescopes for use in astrophotography. His present telescope is a 20-inch f/5 reflector, which he uses in a unique fixed polar mounting from a mountain-top observatory in California.

[Keene -Camera Obscura] George Keene has built and installed custom designed camera obscuras for observers who desire this unique vertical telescope. It features a 15° field of view along with a fixed eyepiece and comfortable seated observing.

Author of many articles on astronomy and photography, Keene was one of the first to cover the subject of astrophotography for the amateur in his book “Stargazing with Telescope and Camera”.

[George and Nicki] He has achieved international recognition for his outstanding results in photographing total eclipses of the Sun and has recorded this awe-inspiring solar event around the world. One of his eclipse photos appeared on the cover of Life magazine for April 1979. He has traveled worldwide to view 13 solar eclipses, the last eight successfully recorded under clear skies from both ship and shore.

Cruise passengers will find Keene's skills useful in improving their own photos using even simple cameras. In his presentations he will recommend films, lenses, and filters to aid both beginning and advanced photographers.

  • Passengers have consistently found George Keene's skills useful in photographing ruins and reconstructions at Chechen Itza and in capturing the descent of the Sun Serpent at El Castillo.

  • On each cruise George Keene presents evening sessions on deck for star identification and sky interpretation. He lends his expertise to passengers to help capture on film the stars, constellations and deep sky objects.

  • George Keene has prepared a Solar Eclipse Photography booklet especially for Voyages to Darkness eclipse cruise passengers.

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