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Mary Ann Eaverly was born in Philadelphia, Pa. As an undergraduate at Bryn Mawr College she majored in Classical Archaeology and earned an A.B. cum laude with honors in Classical and Near Eastern Archaeology. She received a Rackham Fellowship for graduate studies at the University of Michigan in the Interdepartmental Program in Classical Art and Archaeology. In addition she pursued a minor in Medieval Art History. Her dissertation - a study of the style and meaning of early Greek equestrian sculpture - was researched while she was the Vanderpool Fellow at the American School of Classical Studies in Athens.

During graduate school she took part in excavations at Tel Anafa, Israel (a Hellenistic military site), at the sanctuary of Hera at Paestum, Italy and at the Sanctuary of Apollo at Kourion, Cyprus. She served as the registrar of small finds at Paestum. At Kourion she worked with Dr. Nancy Winter analyzing and cataloguing the more than 10,000 terracotta horse and rider figurines found in the excavation.

After receiving her Ph.D. in Classical Art and Archaeology in 1986 she became an Assistant Professor of Classics at the University of Florida. She was co-director with Dr. Philip Spann of the University's surface survey of Penaflor, Spain (the ancient Roman site of Celti). In 1995 her book Archaic Greek Equestrian Sculpture was published by University of Michigan Press. Her current research interest and the subject of her next book is the use of color to indicate gender in ancient painting. In the summer of 1999 she used a Humanities Fellowship to research this project in Athens, Pompeii and the Metropolitan Museum in New York. She has presented several conference papers on the topic (most recently at the Sixth Gender in Archaeology Conference, October 2000).

At Florida she has won several awards for excellence in teaching. Her courses include Introduction to Classical Archaeology, Topography and Monuments of Athens, Pompeii: Archaeological Laboratory, Glory That Was Greece, Myths of the Greeks and Romans and Etruscan Archaeology. Since July 2000 she has been Chair of the Classics Department. In her spare time she is a devoted NFL football fan.

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Lecture Topics by Dr. Mary Ann Eaverly

  • Architects and Artists of the Venetian Renaissance:
    Sansovino, Palladio and Titian

    Who created the distinctive buildings of Renaissance Venice? Which artists fashioned the paintings and sculptures from the same time? Dr. Eaverly answers those questions in this lecture.

  • City, Citadel and Sanctuary: Athens, Mycenae and Epidaurus
    Dr. Eaverly highlights the archaeological traces of democracy in the city of Athens, the development of the epic (such as The Odyssey) in Mycenae and the healing cult at Epidaurus of Asklepios, son of Apollo and patron of medicine.

  • Messiah and Mohammed: The Transformation of Constantinople
    Humans have occupied the site of Istanbul for thousands of years. In this lecture, Dr. Eaverly examines the many layers of architectural history in Istanbul.

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