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Bob Berman

Eclipse '99 - Black Sea Voyage to Darkness — Stella Oceanis

Astronomer Bob Berman is well known to the 5 million readers of Discover magazine. His ‘Night Watchman’ column has appeared each month since 1990.

Listeners in seven states hear his Skywindow program on Northeast Public Radio every Sunday afternoon. From 1983 to 1990 he ran the National Park Service's summer astronomy program at Yellowstone National Park.

Berman, founder of the Catskill Astronomical Society in 1976, is director of the Overlook Observatory near Woodstock, NY, and the Cobb-Matthiessen Observatory at Cornwall, NY. He has authored more than a thousand articles on popular astronomy, appearing in the New York Times, Boston Calendar, Sky and Telescope, and long-running columns in three local publications. Additionally, he writes the astronomy section of the Old Farmer's Almanac.

Berman teaches and/or lectures at Adirondack, Reading, Broome, and Rhode Island Community Colleges, and the private Storm King Academy in Cornwall, NY.

His first book, Secrets of the Night Sky, was published in 1995 by William Morrow.

His most recent book is Cosmic Adventure: A Renegade Astronomer's Guide to Our World and Beyond.

He was the eclipse astronomer for a tour to see the 1991 total eclipse from Baja and also took part in an eclipse expedition to India in 1980.

Berman was featured nationally on CBS This Morning, and has appeared more than 30 times on various ABC, Fox, and CBS stations since then.

He delivers nearly a hundred lectures annually to government, civic, and business groups ranging from Elderhostel to IBM to New York's famous Mohonk Mountain House. His highly visual, multimedia presentations are celebrated for their wit and clarity.

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