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Farrell Senior High School

[Senior High School Aerial View]

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(The following is excerpted from an article, written by Alice M. Nicolls, which appeared in the 1951 Farrell Jubilee Program.

[Senior High School Dedication Program] …Beautifully located in the highest elevation of the city of Farrell, is the Senior High School built in 1938 to eliminate the overcrowded conditions in the secondary schools. The citizens of Farrell voted a bond issue to help erect the new high school building. The Federal Public Works Administration granted an equal amount for the project. The Board of Education including Jules B. Roux, president; John E. Richards, vice president; Dr. L. R. Landay, treasurer; Joseph Geletka, Andrew J. Podolsky, Andrew Sage, and Anthony Tortorete, George J. Wetherstein, secretary to the Board of Education and Superintendent W. W. Irwin accepted the grant and contracts for the senior high school were given.

Farrell's present senior high school was completed for the opening of the 1939-1940 term, and pupils of grades ten, eleven and twelve were admitted. The former high school building became Farrell's first junior high school for grades seven, eight and nine. Mr. John Hetra, Jr., a former Farrell graduate, became the first principal.

Today all of the classes of the 4,000 pupils enrolled in the Farrell schools in 1939-40 have been graduated and the building remains as one of the most beautiful and foremost high schools in western Pennsylvania. Remarkable for its beauty and the artistic simplicity of its architectural design, the building contains seventeen well equipped classrooms, vocational shop rooms, laboratories, a beautifully designed library, art department, acoustically treated music suite, home making department, health department, cafeteria, and a combination gymnasiuym-auditorium, having a playing floor of 110 by 75 feet and an elevated stage of 95 x 75 feet. The stage is offset by a 60 foot arch above the floodlights. The gymnasium-auditorium has a seating capacity of 2,500 people. Adminsitrative office suites for the Superintendent of Schools and the Board of Education , in addition to those of the principal and the teachers are located in the building.

[Senior High School] The building is well placed on the twenty-three acre campus. The grounds are used for the educational and the recreational activities of the school and the city and afford facilities for health education, football, baseball, track, concerts, outdoor pageants, and other recreational activities.

It is most gratifying to the citizens of Farrell that with the attainment of the Jubilee year, its schools are administered and strongly staffed with members of Farrell alumni. Farrell's first alumnus administrator, Mr. John Hetra, Jr., who has formerly served in all administrative positions of Farrell secondary schools has capably guided and directed the schools since his appointment, in 1945, as Superintendent of the Farrell School District.

Mr. Hetra is ably assisted by alumni members in administration of the secondary schools by Mr. Anthony J. Pintar, Principal of the senior high school, and Mr. Lewis Sarcinella, principal of the junior high school; in the elementary schools by Mrs. Elizabeth Heinze Broderick, principal of the J. A. Farrell school and Miss Nedra Ingram, principal of the Pargny school.

Mrs. hazel Adams McCreary is principal of the Eckles school and Miss Alice M. Nicolls is director of Elementary Education.

Since 1905 the following superintendents have labored long and faithfully and have led the way to the present successful and meritorious standard which the schools of Farrell have attained.

[Senior High School]

Mr. C. G. Canon — 1905
Mr. J. M. Hostetter — 1908
Mr. L. R. Eckles — 1909
Mr. Port Eckles — 1918
Mr. S. M. Robb — 1922
Mr. W. W. Irwin — 1926
Mr. Carroll D. Kearns — 1941
Mr. John Hetra, Jr. — 1945

[John Hetra, Anthony Pintar, Angelo Grande]

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