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The John Hetra Elementary School

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[John Hetra School]

The John Hetra Elementary School Dedication Program
April 30, 1961

[Hetra School Dedication Program] [Ground Breaking Ceremonies] The John Hetra Elementary School was dedicated on Sunday, April 30, 1961. The school, named in honor of John Hetra superintendent of Farrell Area School District, housed 429 pupils. The cost to build and furnish to 28,742 Sq. Ft. building was $633,626.90.

The Hetra School consisted of 12 class rooms, a Kindergarten, All Purpose Room, Health Suite, Faculty Room, Elementary Education Office, Principal's Office, Music Room, Curriculum Room, Cafeteria Kitchen, Cafeteria Stock Room, Boiler Room, and a Supply Room.

Pictured in the Ground Breaking Ceremonies are Left to Right John B. Cutler, County superintendent of schools, Robert T. Flynn, president, Farrell School Authority, Burgess Thomas Williams, Wheatland, John Hetra, superintendent Farrell Area School District, Rev. E. V. Rupert, First Methodist Church, J. Donald Newman, vice president, Sharon Steel Corporation, Paul Kudelko, president, Farrell Area School District and Rev. Joseph Ciaiola, Our Lady of Fatima Church.

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