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The 1953 Reflector — Volume XXXVI - Fiftieth Commencement Edition


Class of 1953 —Dedication

[1953 Administration] We, the Class of 1953, dedicate the fiftieth commencement edition of the yearbook to the five thousand six hundred thirty graduates of Farrell Senior High School. Their traditions, records, honors, achievements, and services to the school, the city, the county, the state and the nation have inspired us! Through their splendid efforts, we have had excellent opportunities for an education in the various courses of study, for class and school activities, for school publications, music and dramatics, for participation in athletics, and for personality and character training that will guide us throughout our lives.

We also pay tribute to all of the members of the Board of Education, the administration, the faculty, the secretaries, the school employees, and the student body who have made our school experiences pleasant, profitable and permanent.

We are grateful to all those who have helped to make our yearbook and our commencement outstanding.

The Class of 1953

Farrell High School

Class of 1953

[Seniors-1] [Seniors-2]
Lucille Ann Agresti
William James Allen
Hessina Alli
William I. Amos, Jr.
Joanne Apa
Nana Balach
Rose Marie C. Balluch
Donald W. Bechtold — Vice President
Margaret Ann Belcik
Raymond M. Bencivengo
Marcia Helene Berks
Joseph Carl Besich
Marcia Rita Bianco
John E. Branzovich, Jr.
Nada Brkich
Martha Anne Broscoe
Louise J. Bruno
Mary Ann R. Bukovinsky
Patrick Anthony Buzzeo
Jerry Sherwood Campbell
Sondra Lee Carroll
Elizabeth Marie Celenzi
John Richard Charny
Peter Adam Costar, Jr.
Shirley Mae Cummerick
Theodora Ann Cupurdija
Fred J. DeBonis
Russell Louis DeCarmine — President
Anthony V. DeCello
Theresa Marie DeMarco
Eugene Carmen DeMark
Freida Diacoganes
William J. Di Feo
Elaine Annette Dimoff
Richard Paul Doblanski
Donald Donaldson
Patricia Louise Dziedzic
Betty Ruth Edney
Frank Thomas Egercic
Joseph James Estock
John T. Fecik
Paul Roosevelt Flint
Betty Flynn
Alda Dionesia Furtado
Elizabeth Germano
Marjorie Jane Giroski
Ruth Elizabeth Golub
Elaine Marie Grande
John V. Griglak
Shirley Susan Gutowski
Mary Frances Halula
Priscilla Mae Hetra
Dolores Rae Hittle
Alberta Mae Horvath
Harriet Mae Hosfelt
Norma Jean Hoyney
Loretta Claudette James
Dorothy Mae Jarrett
William Edward Johnson
Frederick Jones
Ronald E. Jones
Walter T. Jones
Stanley Paul Juchnewich, Jr.
Phyllis Jean Kellum
Norbert Eugene Kisegy
Julianna M. Klester
Roseanna M. Krantz
Anna Mae Kraynak
Geraldine R. LaCamera
Lambros John Lambros
Mary Grace LaRocca
Edward P. Lichvar
Robert C. Lingenfelter
Margaret Carolyn Liscio
Virgil L. Locke
Frances Ann Malak
Mildred Marincich
Lois Marie Marks — Secretary
Shirley Joann Marks
Nick T. Marnejon
Harold Emery Marsteller, Jr.
William D. Mason, Jr.
Edward M. Maykowski
Leonard Lee McCrory
Nina Joanne Messina
Geraldine Ruth Miles
Evelyn Milikich
Adela Patricia Moldovan
Robert R. Mondok
Betty Jane Moore
Ernest Louis Moore
Betty A. Morocco
Charles Morrison
Ronald Moss
Betty Rose Mudrinich
Donald Thomas Mularski
John K. Myers
Serena Patricia Nicastro
Betty Jane Ochaba
Allan Joseph Ondich
Edwin A. Ondich
Ellen A. Ondich
Rose Palanti
Rosemarie Jean Palanti
Rochelle Palazzese
Arlene F. Panzo
Doris Delores Pegues
Marco Anthony Pendel
Donald M. Perrine
Frank Anthony Petrucci
Rosemary Elizabeth Polcha
LaVerne June Ponder
Albert H. Preston, Jr.
Mary Katherine Prezgay
Norma Louise Ray
Rita Ann Ricci
Florine Richardson
Elizabeth Eileen Ring
Gerald R. Rogan
Mardella June Rogan
Louis Joseph Rosati
Joyce Yvonne Roseboro
Thomasina Ann Ross
Denise A. Royal
Robert R. Rudolph
Mary Elizabeth Ruffo
Alice Marion Rupert
Irene Sabo
Margaret Mae Safin
Louis John Sakony
Carole Joan Salae
Joseph Scarmack, Jr.
Natalina Eda Scarpino
Mildred E. Schuster
Connie Ann Scoccia
Ruth D. Scott
Wilbert Leroy Shannon
Sheryl Ann Sholtis
Frederick Sok
Thelma Soloski
Robert Stanger
Helen Louise Stefanak
William John Steiner
Stanley F. Susinski
Clarence Edward Thomas
Gerald Steven Trop
David Michael Uiselt
John Joseph Veselosky
Robert Regis Wasko
Rose M. Weber
Carol Marilyn Whalen
Claudia Sydelia Williams
Richard R. Winslow
Shirley A. Yazvac
Pauline Yurcich
Patricia Ann Zappa
Robert Joseph Zets
Dan Scott Zimmer

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