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FHS Principal Introduces the Public Address System
(The following article appeared in the 1937 Reflector).
It was written by FHS Principal, W. R. Anderson

[Public Address System - FHS 1936]
In May, 1936, a public address system was installed in our high school as a WPA project. The system is controlled from the principal's office by a black metal cabinet. It contains a combination screened receiver and broadcasting apparatus. The classrooms have magnetic speakers; the auditorium and the gymnasium have dynamic speakers with powerful long range amplification.

It is possible to carry on a conversation with a teacher in any of the classrooms, to make a general announcement to a group of rooms or to all the rooms in the system. We believe that this will be the primary use of the public address system. There are other uses which will be determined experimentally.

Our public address system has helped to promote unity and a better cooperation in all school activities. All students in the school system are the recipients of the same plea, advice and requests. This does not mean, however, that the system will be used to destroy the initiative and the individuality of the teacher, but to help the home room teacher emphasize those principles and behaviour patterns which are vital to the success of a large school system.

The system has been used frequently to make general announcements. It has helped boys and girls who have been careless to locate their personal clothing such as gym suits and shoes. It is a time saver as it sends all students outside the building to have a picture taken for the yearbook, in a few minutes. We use the system in all our campaigns such as selling the yearbook, the sale of tickets for a class play, better speech and manners week, and other school activities.

The system is equipped with a microphone which can be used in either the auditorium or the gymnasium and the program broadcast to all the home rooms. As we have a limited seating capacity in our auditorium it has been a solution of the problem for a general assembly of our 1900 students. The entire student body has the opportunity to hear programs on special occasions such as Armistice Day or Washington's birthday.

W. R. Anderson, Principal

Farrell High School

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