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[1922 Reflector] [Principal Elmer Stillings]

The 1922 Reflector — 6th Commencement Edition

Farrell High School

[Alumni 1922 - Allen-Guffey]

Class of 1922

The 1937 Reflector listed the status of each graduate as of 1937 as shown below.

Ida Allen (Williams)
Farrell, Pa.

Olive Athey (Carroll)
Philadelphia, Pa.

Carl Bissett
Mechanic; Sharon, Pa.

William Cardille
Sign Painter; Farrell, Pa.

Joseph Carroll
Physical Director; Philadelphia, Pa.

Belle Collins (Burnstein)
New Castle, Pa.

George Dvoryak
High School Teacher; Farrell, Pa.

Mary Evans (Hogue)
Farrell, Pa.

Philip Foley
Actor; Warren, Ohio

Lawrence Green
Doctor; Annapolis, Maryland

David Gregory
Mechanic; Farrell, Pa.

Cecil Guffey
Clerk; Farrell, Pa.

[Alumni 1922 Heizler-Phillips]

Sara Heizler
Clerk; Farrell, Pa.

John Hetra
Assistant High School Principal; Farrell, Pa.

Goldia Hinkson (Gayland)
Detroit, Michigan

Gertrude Iams
Teacher; Johnsonburg, Pa.

Anthony Kilbert
High School Teacher; Farrell, Pa.

Milton Klein
Merchant; Sharon, Pa.

Robert Lucky
High School Teacher; Elizabeth, Pa.

John Mixer
Physical Director; Butler, Pa.

William Moder
Foreman; Farrell, Pa.

Idris Morris — President
Clerk; Philadelphia, Pa.

Mary Miles (Hunter)
Fredonia, New York

Anthony Pintar
High School Teacher; Farrell, Pa.

Mildred Phillips — Secretary
Los Angeles, California

[Alumni 1922 Remaley-Willard]

William Moder
Foreman; Farrell, Pa.

Ida Remaley
Stenograher; Grove City, Pa.

Ella Rosenberg (Landay)

Margaret Roux
High School Teacher; Farrell, Pa.

Madeline Scott
Nurse; Sharon, Pa.

Alfred Schermer
Merchant; Sharon, Pa.

Beulah Smith
Wheatland, Pa.

Helen Somogyi
Teacher; Farrell, Pa.

Nellie Stillstrom (Applegate)
Sharon, Pa.

Mary V. Scardina
High School Teacher; Farrell, Pa.

William Thomas
High School Teacher; Farrell, Pa.

Stella Thompson
Stenographer; Pittsburgh, Pa.

Marie Uber (Anderson)
Sharon, Pa.

James Willard — Vice President
Bookkeeper; West Middlesex, Pa.

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