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[Superintendent Port Eckles]
The Reflector

Under the supervision of Mr. Port Eckles, Principal of Farrell High School, the Class of 1917 published the first volume of the Farrell Senior High School yearbook, The Reflector, which carried a blue and gold paper cover and sold for one dollar per copy.

The Class of 1917 appropriately dedicated the annual to Mr. L. R. Eckles, Superintendent of the South Sharon Public Schools (later renamed ‘ Farrell Public Schools’) from 1908 until his death in 1918, when the Board of Education named his son, Mr. Port Eckles, Superintendent of the Farrell Public Schools.

Farrell High School

[Class of 1917]

Class of 1917

The photo above appeared in the 1937 Reflector. It listed the status
of each graduate as of 1937 as shown below.

Louis Adler
Salesman; Los Angeles, Calif

Irene Athey (Eckles)
Homestead, Pa.

Rosanne Bryan (Grace)
Clerk; Farrell, Pa.

Emanual Buimovitz
Salesman; New York

Adeline Davis (Thomas)
Los Angeles, Calif

Hayden Davis
Clerk; Farrell, Pa.

Glen DeVassy
Farmer; Hubbard Ohio

Antoinette Hamila
Nurse; Farrell, Pa.

Frank Johnston
Assistant Post Master; Farrell, Pa.

Ruth Levinson (Meltzer)
Philadelphia, Pa.

John Machuga
Foreman; Farrell, Pa.

Carl E. Marsteller
Accountant; Los Angeles, Calif.

Emma May (Beiber)
Sharon, Pa.

Isabelle Miller (Evans)
Los Angeles, Calif

Harry Morinere
Assistant Post Master; Sharpsville, Pa.

Harry Nathan
Lawyer; Cleveland, Ohio

Mary O'Brien
Stenographer; Pittsburgh, Pa.

Meryle Pfeifer (Hoagland)
Teacher; Farrell, Pa.

Russell Roudebush
Clerk; Wheatland, Pa.

Milton Schermer
Merchant; Sharon, Pa.

Armin Schlesinger

Rosa Schlesinger
Social Worker; Pittsburgh, Pa.

Harry Siegleman
Mearchant, Los Angeles, Calif.

Ivy Skuse (Durbin)
Detroit, Michigan

Ruth Smith Knappenberger
Sugar Grove Pa.

Michael Terpack
Electrician, Farrell, Pa.

Esther Zentz
High School Teacher; Farrell, Pa.

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