The family of
Stavroula Tsimpidis and her husband Vasili Giannoulis

Koutrobouhi (Arkadia), Greece

1974 - Stavroula Tsimpidis Giannoulis

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1971 - Koutrobouhi, Peloponesus

Left to right: Panagiotis Boudouvas, Stavroula Tsimpidis Giannoulis, Efstathios Tsimpidis (Steve Pedas)

Stavroula Tsimpidis (Mrs. Vasili Giannoulis) with brother-in-law Panagiotis Boudouvas and brother Efstathios Tsimpidis (Steve Pedas). The photo records the first (and last) reunion of Stavroula with her brother, Efstathios since their childhood when in 1919 Efstathios left Doriza for the United States to raise dowries for her and their sisters Rebecca and Katerina. The house in the background is part of the dowry which he provided for Stavroula.

[Stavroula's House]
1974 - Stavroula's House — Koutrobouhi, Greece

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