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a Voyage to Darkness aboard Royal Olympic's


AUGUST 6 - AUGUST 13, 1999

A Voyage to Totality amid the wonders of the Black Sea, Turkey, Bulgaria, Greece and the Ukraine

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Lecturers and Staff — Science at Sea enrichment program

Black Sea Eclipse '99 Voyage to Darkness — Stella Solaris

George T. Keene
George Keene, retired Eastman Kodak scientist, has received international acclaim for his photography of celestial phenomena.
Dr. Paul H. Knappenberger Jr.
Paul H. Knappenberger Jr., President of the Adler Planetarium & Astronomy Museum in Chicago, has interpreted the exploration of the universe to countless people.
Dr. Edwin C. Krupp
Dr. Edwin C. Krupp, astronomer and director of the Griffith Observatory in Los Angeles, is an expert in the celestial component of belief systems. He has visited, examined, and researched more than 1,500 ancient and prehistoric sites around the world..
Robin Rector Krupp
Robin Rector Krupp, artist, author and illustrator of books for children, including the award-winning The Comet and You, is a veteran of four total solar eclipses and has led journal workshops after three of them, encouraging others to capture the experience in art and words.
Lola Makaroff
Lola Makaroff, a seasoned historian and linguist, will bring alive the culture, civilization, and history of her beloved country, Greece
Dionysios P. Simopoulos
Dionysios Simopoulos, the Director of the Eugenides Planetarium in Athens, Greece will bring the night skies alive with the stories - and the science - behind the stars. He will guide us through the marvels, mysteries, myths, and legends of the Aegean skies.

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